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If you are interested in exhibiting at Beefest 2020 please complete the online for below.

General information relating to stallholders can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you need any further information please contact us by emailing 


Stallholders Enquiry Form

  • All successful applicants must have their own insurance and fill out a risk assessment form which will be sent out along with set up informations via email.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Exhibitor FAQ

How do I apply?

Stallholders must be producing or selling their product in Dorset. Priority is given to traders with the Dorset Farmers Market and Dorset Food & Drink.

What are your selection criteria?

Our aim is to showcase the best of Dorset’s produce focusing on quality local, regional suppliers and farmers. To this end we only accept applications from food and drink providers based locally and prioritise the independent producers.

What can I do to optimise my chances of selection?

Being concise, give us as much information with your application as possible; focus on whether you grow and/or make your own produce and what you plan to do at the event. Help us know your produce.

What is a risk assessment and how do I create one?

For full information on risk assessments please go to the following government website.

I don’t have any risks, do I need a risk assessment?

Yes, you do. Some questions to ask yourself if you believe you are without risk are: what are you doing to avoid slips, trips, falls or injury from falling stock during unloading and loading; injury due to incorrect placement of your produce, merchandise, equipment or empty packaging, or toppling merchandise, produce, equipment or empty packaging; risk of damage of fixtures and fittings whilst unloading, loading and setting up?

If your produce is in glass, what are you doing to avoid breakages and, if there are breakages, what are you doing to preserve the safety of your staff as well as the general public?

Specific festival details

What are the dates of the event?

Beefest 2020 will take place on Saturday 27th June and trading from 12pm-4pm.

What are the trading hours?

Trading starts at 12 noon and ends at 4pm. Stallholders must have set up by 11am. Specific instructions will be sent to you.

What size are the stalls/pitches?

Gazebos need to be 3m x 3m (bring own gazebo).

How much are the stalls?

The price for Beefest 2020 is £20 per gazebo pitch (gazebo not included)